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PJC Reaching Out

Our Mission:

Welcoming and supporting interfaith families within the context of Jewish community life. An interfaith family, for this purpose, is a family whose life is influenced and impacted by family members who are not Jewish. This may include individuals with a non-Jewish spouse or partner, as well as those whose children, grandchildren, or other relatives are a part of an interfaith relationship.

The goal of “PJC Reaching Out” is to make available programs designed to provide information, support, and opportunities to communicate. Together we can learn from the lives and stories of those who have found a road map for their journeys as interfaith families.

Any individual who is interested in participating in the on-going development of these efforts within the PJC community, and whose family is impacted by another religion, is encouraged to contact Rabbi  Mendelson at

Mon, May 20 2024 12 Iyar 5784